Brac, aboard a charter yacht

20/04/2014 19:59

Welcome, welcome travelers. My name is Gilbert. Most of you already know me from my journeys across Croatia and my popular blogs on the Internet. Today I have something very special for you in store. I hope you are going to enjoy reading about my adventures in Brac, a wonderful little place I’ve discovered while sailing the Adriatic. Onwards, sailors!

Brac is one of the largest islands in the Adriatic, which you can almost immediately recognize when you step on shore from a long day of travel. The highest peak of the island, Vidova Gora is considered the highest peak of all Croatian islands. Marvelous isn’t it? To have the opportunity to climb such a peak and witness the spectacle that is the raw natural beauty of Croatia and its neighboring islands.

On the northwest side of the island is located ACI Marina Milna. That is where we took shelter and anchored to continue our journey on foot. The bay provides security and peace from all the winds and thanks to this it is one of the most secure bays for charters during the summer season.

Brac is also famous for its stones, which were taken even during the Roman rule. The stone is known for its quality and whiteness so it was used to build some of the most important buildings, including the Sibenik cathedral. Who’d know Brac was such a goldmine when it came to building material, right? Most of the island looks deserted, it’s a miracle you can find civilization at all.

Fret not, for Brac is also known for olive oil and some excellent, delicious sheep cheese and wine. Bolski Plavac is certainly one of the better brands of wine you will find here.  An exquisite taste indeed.

If you’re looking for excitement, look no further than Bol, famous to jet-setters all over the world. It is famous for the most attractive beach in the Adriatic - Zlatni rat or Golden Point! The beach is sandy and very nice to enjoy the whole day on it with nothing to worry about but the sun and the sea.

Brac also exhibits some cultural festivals and events. For example, the celebration of St. Vid on Vidova Gora and the famous “no rules” competition in extreme sports, festival of documentary films, etc.

When you look at Brac and all the wonderful things we’ve seen today, you can’t help but wonder what we shall see next, because the beauty of Croatia is very hard to top and I’m certainly looking forward to coming back next year for another great sailing experience. In case you’re wondering on how you can rent your own yacht and embark on a similar adventure, I suggest you visit this site. Happy sailing and have a safe trip!